Use cases


SEAT SA: Industry 4.0 and 5G

This use case developed by SEAT SA concerns the use of a private 5G network as a basis for deploying a platform to enable assets to be located inside a factory.
Despliegue red NOC

A fully 5G network

Barcelona will be the scenario of a fully 5G network roll-out, enabled to carry out the use cases contemplated in the project, which will remain in operation once the project is completed.
XAL antena

XAL: Use of the 5G network in the audiovisual sector

This pilot aims to show the advantages that 5G technology brings to audiovisual production.
Mercado boqueria

Augmented reality for online shopping in Barcelona's Boqueria market

This project aims to enrich the online shopping experience using augmented reality for sellers and buyers alike.
Guardia Urbana

Managing public safety and emergencies using 5G

Prevention, rapid intervention and drawing conclusions by analysing situations that have already occurred.
Playa urbana

Neutral host, connectivity in areas with high seasonal occupancy

This pilot aims to show how the neutral host model enables efficient and flexible 5G network deployment and extends connectivity services to shadow areas
aumenta_ holografia-caso de uso

Holographic support in distance education

This use case is aimed at creating a holographic support for distance learning environments.
Autobus autonomo

Autonomous bus 5G

This project, in which Fira de Barcelona intervenes, aims to provide mobility solutions in large closed spaces in a sustainable way.